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The Hellomydear granny turned 90!!

Hellomydear started a couple of summers ago, while we were talking over a good glass of wine about how important our grandma’s are.

Margriet, Karoliens granny, loves to talk about her eventful life: growing up as a little girl in Antwerp, how she and her girlfriends covered their legs in chicory to make them look suntanned and impress the boys, the hard years during the war, her career, the birth of her sun…

Almost 88 at that time, she very soon became our ‘muse’:
- The reportage on Koppen: filmed in granny’s living room.
- An exhibition stand on a fair, guess who was present?
- The launch of an important new feature: a congratulations postcard in both our letter boxes.
- …

Yesterday it was time to put her in the spotlight again. She turned 90!
No other way to celebrate her birthday than with a diner in her favorite Italian restaurant in Ghent with the entire family. She loves the lasagna, always takes a tiramisu as dessert & talks to the owners as she has known them since the ’50s.

Her birthday present? Handling the mouse of a computer didn’t appear very handy. “Who invented this thing?!” she asked, “can’t I just touch the screen?”

So indeed, granny got an iPad for her 90st birthday. Now she can touch & swipe the screen to show off with pictures of her great-grandson, check the newspaper and of course Hellomydear.

We bet it will take about two weeks before we get a friend-request :-)
Guess one is never too ‘out’ to play with a tablet and make new milestone memories…

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